1. Mark Foster Gage’s Fantastical Skyscraper

rendering of a skyscraper on 57th Street
Rendering by Mark Foster Gage

While this skyscraper on 57th Street is merely fantasy at this stage, architect Mark Foster Gage received quite a bit of press over it in late 2015. The 102-story residential building is decked out in all types of ornaments and architectural embellishments that would vastly reshape the skyline for Midtown’s Billionaires’ Row, if built.

According to Gage’s website, “each unit has its own unique figurally carved facade and balconies that frame particular features of the surrounding urban and natural landscapes.” Integrating sheet-bronze and brass into limestone-tinted Taktl concrete panels, some of these whimsical features include giant birds spiraling down the building, huge fans and propellers that look like they’ve been taken out of a plane and finally, atop the building, a “temple-like observational platform which is then crowned by a golden wreath-like structure fit for any victorious Roman general.” See more images here.

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