3. Historic Astoria Park Diving Pool

Astoria Park Diving Pool-Queens-Hells Gate Bridge-NYCAstoria Park Pool, before the season started in 2012

Not exactly a building, the pool in Astoria Park is one of the largest and most popular swimming facilities in the country. It consists of a main pool and diving pool that meet Olympic standards, as well as a wading pool. As one of the eleven Works Progress Administration projects administered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935 to get unemployed Americans back to work, the Astoria diving pool became one of the most loved public amenity in the neighborhood. One of the most significant events held at the pool was the Olympic Trials for the U.S. Swim and Diving Teams in 1936 and 1964.

Astoria Park Diving Pool-Queens-Hells Gate Bridge-NYC-Panorama-4

In 2013, plans were to convert the landmark into a 500-seat theater, however the project was aborted due to serious fundraising issues. The community pool is still in use and is opened the public every summer, offering abundant aquatics program for the community of Astoria.