1. East 180th Street Station in The Bronx

MTA-Bronx-Train-Subway Station-NYC-East-180th-StPhoto by Patrick Cashin/MTA from Flickr.

For commuters who are greeted by grimy subterranean subway entrances, the East 180th Street station in The Bronx is certainly an unconventionally beautiful transportation portal to start the day. Located at the southern tip of Bronx Park, this unique vintage subway entrance was made possible by the same architecture firm that designed Grand Central Terminal. The building serves both the Bronx Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo, and sees over 2-million riders annually.

According to an MTA press release, the building was designed with arches and balconies to give it a distinct look of an Italian villa. In 2013, the 100-year-old building received a two year, $66.5 million face-lift, and now boasts a stucco, red terra cotta-tiled roof, two four-story towers and a beautiful courtyard. The entrance is also adorned by a plaque with the head of Mercury, the Roman god of transportation, which sits atop a vintage-inspired clock.

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