The newest addition to the World Trade Center, Liberty Park, will open next week, a Port Authority representative told DNAinfo. Across from the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial, visitors will be able to walk along pathways complete with a lush green atmosphere, similar to that of the High Line.

The one-acre park will offer tourists opportunities to reflect upon seeing the elevated views of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza, and unmatched diversity in greenery. The vegetation at Liberty Park will include 54 types of trees, such as hybrid dogwood and honey locusts. In fact, a rare sapling from the Anne Frank Horse Chestnut Tree in Amsterdam will also be there.

Liberty_Park-Financial_District-Fence-WTC-World_Trade_Center-Untapped_CitiesThe “living wall” partially completed

From a street view, passers-by will notice the unique blend of function and aesthetics that the structure provides. The 20-foot tall “living wall,” a harmony of botany and architecture, will be covered in periwinkle, Baltic Ivy and Japanese Spurge. The elevated park will also prove a more pleasant commute over West Street for residents of the district, avoiding crosswalks and other urban obstacles.

Liberty_Park-Walkway-Brookfield_Place-Construction-NYC-Untapped_CitiesThis walkway extends from Brookfield Place and will connect to Liberty Park, giving commuters ease of access.


The park’s walls serve as a practical necessity for the Port Authority; inside and under the park will be a World Trade Center vehicle security depot.

Liberty_Park-St_Nicholas-National_Shrine-Aerial_View-Financial_District_NYC-Untapped_CitiesConstruction of the National Shrine to Saint Nicholas

Liberty_Park-St_Nicholas-National_Shrine-911_Memorial-Aerial_View-Financial_District_NYC-Untapped_CitiesThe construction of the shrine just south of the South Pool

The anticipated National Shrine to Saint Nicholas will adorn the top of the park as well. Its architect, Santiago Calatrava, is the same person who designed the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Unfortunately, the shrine will not open until 2017, months after the park has.

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