4. Meridian (Gold) in Long Island City

1-Mika Tajima Meridian Gold Untapped Cities copyImage via SculptureCenter

A new public art installation, Meridian (Gold), by Brooklyn artist Mika Tajima, will help you understand the value of gold in real-time. Through the use of LED lights, the mists of water in the center of the sculpture will change color whenever the price of gold rises or decreases. They turn magenta if the price goes up and cyan if it goes down. A computer algorithm checks the price every two seconds. Mika Tajima was among three artists who were invited to make proposals for a public artwork in Long Island City, with the works presented to eight high school students from Public Process, an intensive program for students that use New York City to explore the history and impact of public art and its influence on the community.

Last summer, the students participated in a two-week course held by curators, architects, historians, and art organization representatives. On the last day of the course, the students debated the three proposals and selected Mika Tajima’s Meridian (Gold). Curated by SculptureCenter, Meridian (Gold) is on view at Hunter’s Point South Park until September 25, 2016. Enter the park at Center Blvd. and Borden Avenue.