Bonus: This is the Last Year the Art Students League of New York Displays Their Work in Riverside Park

m2m Riverside Park year 6 Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Parks have always been prime locations to display artwork, providing a nature-filled backdrop and ample space for installations and exhibits. Since 2011, Riverside Park has been host to Model to Monument (M2M) a collaborative project by the Art Students League of New York and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Each year, a small selection of public sculptures are displayed in both Riverside Park and Van Cortlandt Park and follow a specific theme. In the past, the themes of the exhibits included “The Architecture of Nature,” “Patterns of Nature” and “Flux.” This year the M2M display debuted on June 16, with all works exploring the theme of  “Art in the Public Square.” 2016 is the final year that Model to Monument will be displayed in Riverside Park.

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