7. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Presents Art in the Garden by Shayne Dark

The Canadian artist Shayne Dark has been working as artist-in-residence at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this summer. Known for working with materials from nature, trunks, roots, limbs, and tree branches, the grounds of the Garden now hold three of his large-scale sculptures.

“Tanglewood” is constructed from reclaimed cedar logs, and pigmented blue. “Tanglewood” can be found in the Osborne Garden. “Drop Stones 1,2,3” are made of Corten steel and are located overlooking the Lily Pool Terrace. “Windfall” was created from apple tree root balls, and is located in the Steinhardt Conservatory.

The works entitled “Art in the Garden: Shayne Dark” will be on view through July 2017 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.