General William Tecumseh Sherman Grand Army Plaza

Of the grand monuments scattered throughout New York City, many have an equestrian theme. Taken as a whole collection by theme, these statues reveal not only the history of New York and the United States, but also the history of other countries around the world. Here are twenty to look out for as you explore the city.

1. George Washington, Union Square

George Washington Union Square Park

If you enter Union Square Park from the south, you will be greeted by none other than George Washington. Washington is depicted reclaiming the city from the British on November, 25, 1783, Evacuation Day (the day the British evacuated the last of their troops from New York City). The statue was dedicated on July 4, 1856, and is the oldest statue owned by the New York City Parks Department. It was sculpted by Henry Kirke Brown and John Quincy Adams Ward and the base was designed by Richard Upjohn.

Fun fact: It has actually moved from its original locations in Union Square. You can see a vintage photo of where it was originally in the book Broadway by Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young.

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