3. Theodore Roosevelt, American Museum of Natural History

Theodore Roosevelt statue AMNH

The equestrian statue of President Theodore Roosevelt was the final piece of the larger Roosevelt Memorial that makes up the Central Park West entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. The Roosevelt Memorial, which consists of the museum’s east facade, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda with murals illustrating Roosevelt’s life, and the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. Conceived by the State of New York in 1924 to honor the late president, the memorial was dedicated in 1936 by thousands of dignitaries including President Franklin Roosevelt, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt Jr., and Governor Herbert Lehman.

The equestrian statue designed by James Earle Fraser was dedicated in 1940. It depicts the president as a Rough Rider, next to a Native American and an African American. The statue and memorial arch, modeled on the Arch of Constantine, form the focal point of Theodore Roosevelt Park, ensuring the President’s legacy is not forgotten.

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