5. A Man Proposed to His Girlfriend in the Unfinished Subway Tunnel


New York can be a romantic place, with plenty of cute places to pop the question; there’s Times Square, Central Park, the top of the Empire State Building (Sleepless in Seattle anyone?), inside an unfinished Second Avenue subway tunnel….? Yes! On May 18, 2014 urban planner Adam Meagher proposed to his girlfriend amid the subway tunnels, some 100 feet below the Upper East Side apartment where his girlfriend at the time, Carolyn Grossman, had grown up.

The couple are both infrastructure and transit buffs and so, while on a community tour of the 86th Street station, Meagher dropped to one knee and proposed with the line, “Just like the Second Avenue subway has taken a long time, I’ve also been waiting a long time. Will you marry me?” Grossman said yes and he sealed the deal with a vintage 1920s diamond platinum ring, made around the time of the first Second Avenue Line “Proposal”.