6. Trinity Church

The Gothic Revival styled Trinity Church is located on 75 Broadway, opened in 1846 and reaches 284 feet high. The church was designed by Richard Upjohn and Captain William Kidd helped construct the building by lending his runner and tackle to the builders. Kidd was a Scottish sailor who was executed on May 23, 1701, for murder and five counts of piracy. Not many churches can say they’ve been built by a convicted pirate!

Gone are the days where land can be bought for five cows and a barrel of hay, but the land that Trinity Church was built on was purchased for an annual shipment of sixty bushels of wheat for the king. Despite such a modest payment, the 14 acres of land includes commercial space in Hudson Square which is worth approximately two billion dollars today. Also on the church grounds is the only active cemetery in Manhattan and St. Paul’s Chapel, the oldest standing church in Manhattan.

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