5. St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

St. Bartholemew’s, also known as St. Bart’s, is located on 325 Park Avenue on the Upper East Side and takes up an entire block. The current building replaced the original church that was located on Madison Avenue but suffered structural issues that eventually caused it to close.  The church was designed by Bertram Goodhue in Romanesque and Byzantine Revival styles. In 1967, the church was designated a National Landmark by the New York City Landmark Commission and its preservation continues today.

St. Bartholemew’s is different than most churches in that it offers multiple unique facilities for the community to enjoy. The church’s terrace is home to a popular restaurant called, “Inside Park at St. Bart’s” and a community house that offers meeting spaces for 12-step programs, a preschool, and a fully stocked athletic facility which includes both a pool and a gym.

The church has been deeply involved with music since it was established in its original building and the well-known composer and arranger, Henry Warren directed the choir. St. Bart’s also housed the world renowned conductor, Leopold Stokowski who was brought to New York City by the church to direct the choir.