4. Grace Church Brooklyn Heights

Located in Brooklyn Heights, this particular Grace Church (not to be confused with the one in Manhattan) was designed by Richard Upjohn, who also designed Trinity Church. Opening for its first service in 1848, the church became increasingly more architecturally distinctive over the years, with decorative paint added as well as having the “original diamond-pane windows replaced with stained glass from studios such as Tiffany, J & R Lamb, Clayton & Bell and Mayer of Munich.”

A vivid blue sky dotted with golden stars adorns the ceiling of Grace Church now and had since the church’s inception in 1866. However, at the turn of the century, a fake wood pattern–”faux bois”– was painted atop the celestial mural. The mural was finally recovered after investigation by historic preservationists in December of 2013, enchanting the church once again.