4. Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum

Located 10 miles from Trinity Church in Washington Heights at the site of the Battle of Fort Washington and the former estate of Artist and naturalist James Audubon, lies the last and largest of Trinity Church’s Cemeteries, which by the way still accepts burials under certain circumstances. It was founded in 1842 after outbreaks of cholera in lower Manhattan curtailed burials downtown. James Renwick and later Calvert Vaux, one of the architects of Central Park, designed Trinity Cemetery as a rural ornamental cemetery. The 24-acre hilly cemetery is situated between 154th Street and 155 Street and is bisected by Broadway.

The cemetery absorbed the Church of the Intercession (with its crypt) on the North West corner of Broadway and 155th Street. Notable inhabitants include James Audubon, the Astor Family, actor Jerry Orbach of ‘Law and Order’ fame, Eliza Jumel who divorced Aaron Burr,and a couple of Mayors, most recently Ed Koch who famously stated that he couldn’t stand to leave Manhattan, even in death.

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