Although thousands of commuters pass through Grand Central Terminal on a daily basis, few people have the opportunity to appreciate the Beaux Arts beauty for its history. Our tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal has been one of our most popular “Untapped” events, but if you haven’t been able to join us for an in-person tour just yet, we’ve partnered with the mobile app, Tip Tour, to curate a self-guided exploration that will shed light on key places within the terminal — from its stunning Tiffany Clock (the world’s largest) to its majestic iron eagles and the clandestine M42 power station that does not appear on a single map or blueprint. The self-guided audio tour can be accessed here.

The story of Grand Central Terminal is that of New York City itself: the structure embodies the social, cultural, economic and technological evolution around it. It is one of great men, feuding architects, ingenuity, rejuvenation, secrets and surprises. Whether you pass through the terminal every day on your morning commute or stroll through it for the first time, you are sure to leave having learned, seen, or experienced something new and extraordinary.

After checking out our virtual tour, join us for the in-person experience, where we will peek into the entrance of Grand Central Terminal‘s glass walkways, locate its lost armchairs, see its hidden tennis courts and learn about its backwards ceiling. For more information, visit the TipTour website.

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Discover three of Grand Central Terminal’s ceiling secrets

Discover the secrets behind the world’s largest Tiffany clock

The Whispering Gallery, one of NYC worst-kept secret!

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

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