Instead of outdoor grills and family barbecues, celebrate July 4th weekend with a little bit of history (and a lot of wine). This week, we’re hosting several unique events, from our popular tour of the Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam to our Wine Tasting at Rooftop Reds. Read on for more information:

Tour of The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam: Saturday, July 1st at 2pm

At first glance, it might seem like there’s not much left of Dutch New Amsterdam, but there’s much more than meets the eye. This includes the massive one hidden in plain sight: the original street grid embedded in lower Manhattan grid today. Discover the many hidden Dutch relics south of Wall Street, as you trace the streets of Manhattan in 1667. You’ll walk along the city’s original coast line, see the remains of Manhattan’s first City Hall and hear about New York’s founding myths and facts while standing in the very spots they all happened.

Tour of The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway: Saturday,  July 1st at 2pm

Take a ride through the living history of the world’s largest rapid transit system (in area) by weaving in and out of the past and present transit hubs of lower Manhattan. This unique tour is designed to give a comprehensive history of the NYC Subway system, from its groundbreaking in 1901 up through the creation of the three different proprietary lines which were unified into the system we know today. We’ll uncover information and learn about spaces even the most seasoned commuter might not know about.

Using the 6 train as our own ten-car time machine, we will ride through and see three abandoned ghost stations that 4, 5, and 6 riders unknowingly pass through everyday: Worth Street, 18th Street and the famed City Hall Station. Learn about the comically short route of the mythical “Subway before the Subway,” see the architectural ghosts of the nearly forgotten Chambers Street station and ride through the very first 9 stations in the original 1904 system. (NOTE: This tour will stop in stations that are all open to the public).

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

Tour and Wine Tasting at Rooftop Reds: Sunday, July 2nd at 12:30pm

Did you know the world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard is hidden within the Brooklyn Navy Yard? Untapped Cities will be bringing readers on a special wine tasting and tour at Rooftop Reds, led by one of its founders who will share their knowledge of winemaking.

Within the 14,800 square foot rooftop, you will see a unique urban planter system that is the first of its kind, developed with Cornell University and Finger Lakes industry leaders. As an added bonus: all guests will get 20% off purchases of Rooftop Reds wines. Get in on this experience early, as the first harvest will be taking place in October 2017. Take in an amazing view, lounge in a hammock, and sip on Rooftop Red wines in our tours. Please note that the wine served on the rooftop is from Rooftop Reds partners in the Finger Lakes until the first harvest off the Navy Yard rooftop are ready.

Wine Tasting & Tour of Rooftop Reds, the World’s First Rooftop Vineyard!

Summer has arrived and Independence Day is right around the corner. To celebrate the occasion, Statue Cruises — the official ferry boat service to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Memorial Museum — is hosting a special, one-day fireworks cruise. Join in on this unique experience, and watch the sun set behind Lady Liberty before having front row access to New York City’s legendary skyline as it lights up during a dazzling fireworks display. The event includes a sandwich buffet, live DJ entertainment, dessert, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Fourth of July Fireworks Cruise With Statue Cruises

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