4. Biggest Food Sculpture: Gingerbread Lane

Rows of gingerbread houses at Gingerbread Lane inside the New York Hall of SciencePhoto by Ann-Sophie Fjelloe-Jensen/New York Hall of Science

Not just another New York City “most,” but also a Guinness World record holder, is the largest gingerbread village entitled affectionately by it’s creator as “Gingerbread Lane.” As of the end of 2016, the two-and-a-half-ton Gingerbread Lane was going on its fourth straight year of being the largest gingerbread village in the world with Bronx resident and chef, Jon Lovitch breaking his own record every year. This past year’s village featured 1,251 houses made entirely of edible gingerbread, royal icing and candy. The houses are drafted, designed, baked, planned, built and decorated all by Lovitch over the course of each year.

The secret to Lovitch’s success? “I get everything as cheap as I can,” Lovitch told abc7 news. “Candy, I get the day after Christmas, day after Valentine’s Day and after Halloween. It’s all on sale. You see a theme here?”

The 2016’s Gingerbread Lane is no longer on display, but it was on view for all to see at the New York Hall of Science in Corona, Queens for just over two months from the end 2016. However, if Lovitch stay’s the course, don’t be surprised to see a bigger, better, new-recording-holding version of Gingerbread Lane again at the end of 2017.