8. The Original Color Explosion: Bagel Store’s Rainbow Bagel

Rainbow bagels

Though rainbow-colored food has taken the culinary world by storm and even trickled its way into the corporate mainstream (Starbucks’ Unicorn Cappuccino being the best defense for that argument), when Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store released their Rainbow Bagel, multi-colored food was still an anomaly. Referring to the rainbow bagel as “The bagel that broke the internet,” as The Bagel Store website subtitles it, isn’t all that far off. Though the twisted neon dough has been around for a little over 20 years, it’s just recently been gone viral largely thanks to this 2016 video from Insider Food.

Today, the fad continues as social media users continue to publicize their rainbow treat before devouring the bagel, which is usually filled with funfetti cream cheese. No longer do geographical boundaries seem to matter, as The Bagel Store now ships their $3.95 rainbow bagels to customers nationwide. Be sure it’s not a impulse order, however, as you’ll more than likely have to put yourself on their waiting list. Or if you don’t feel like spending the four bucks, you can still appreciate the bagel’s aesthetic all over Instagram.