3. Central Park

Photo: Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Leave it to Sigourney Weaver (aka Alexandra), while sitting in a fabulous white coat on The Mall in Central Park, to make a reference to Manhattan in its pre-colonial days: “It’s a miracle, fact that this park even exists. The fact that the city hasn’t torn it down to put up high rises. Must be hard for these people to imagine the whole island of Manhattan as a forest…The Dutch colonists, when they bought Manhattan for the Natives, they’re said to have acquired the whole thing for $24. Ask me, they overpaid.”

She’s sitting with Madam Gao, head of The Hand, and they’re discussing a meeting with a contact at the Mayor’s office and the “final phase.” Weaver doesn’t believe that it will move fast enough anymore and Gao says, reluctantly, that she will “inform the others.”