The “Manly Burger.” Image courtesy Umami Burger

For many years, New York City has boasted some of the best burgers around, and today is the time to celebrate. With that said, it’s often difficult to sort out where the best burgers are in New York City, especially considering different personal preferences and the increasingly diverse options out there.

While some New Yorkers just want a straightforward hamburger with lettuce and tomato, others prefer to expand their horizons and try the rising number of unusual fusion burgers in New York City. And yet, some opt for the in-between, perhaps seeking a variety of options within traditional Western flavors. Still others value drinks, sides, and the atmosphere of a burger joint as much as they care about the actual burger. Fortunately, New York City has no shortage of burger eateries with room for everyone’s preferences.

In the hopes of clearly laying out your best burger options, we created a list of New York City’s “burger superlatives” in different categories, including the best, overrated, non-traditional, and much more. We’re starting in Manhattan but will get to the other boroughs soon!

Best Traditional Burger: Joe Junior

Called New York City’s best burger by New York Eater, we have to agree that the best traditional burger goes to Joe Junior. A Joe Junior burger is no-frills, yet bursts with unexpected flavor, especially when topped with warm, melted cheese. Made with a fresh, well-cooked chunk of beef and your typical white bun, the burger’s perfectly grilled texture combined with the overwhelming juiciness that arrives with the first bite will leave you returning for another.

Moreover, the atmosphere of Joe Junior, a cozy diner with stools and a long Formica counter, adds loads to the overall eating experience and pairs well with the burger’s classic simplicity.

Joe Junior is located at 167 3rd Avenue.