Daniel Duffy’s “Yankee Stadium All Time Roster” Word Art Print. Courtesy of Daniel Duffy, artofwords.com

Philadelphia artist Daniel Duffy has created word art depicting the old Yankee Stadium, which was closed in 2008 and demolished in 2010, using the handwritten names of every former Yankee to play there. Daniel Duffy, who claims to be an avid Phillies fan, told the New York Daily News that his inspiration was to create the “biggest, most epic baseball piece [he] could think of.”

Totaling 1,465 names, the image also includes the 2009 World Series team, ensuring that all 27 championship teams were enshrined in the piece. Duffy decided to feature each player’s name in chronological order of when they first joined the team in order to give fans a more clear picture of how the team was built into the dynasty it is today.

A close-up look at former Yankee’s players names written into the image. Photo courtesy of Daniel Duffy, artofwords.com

Creating the piece was an exhaustive process, according to Duffy. It took him around 250 hours to construct, not counting the research time to make certain he did not miss a single player who stepped on the field inside Yankee Stadium.

The old Yankee Stadium, which was closed in 2008 and demolished in 2010. Image via Wikipedia by Severin St. Martiny.

The opposing team in the image are drawn in red. This, Duffy told the Daily News, could be symbolic of the Boston Red Sox if the Yankees depicted were going for the pennant, or the St. Louis Cardinals if it were to be a World Series game. Duffy also noted on his website, artofwords.com, that he used a post-1946 version of Yankee Stadium so the image would include the addition of the lights.

Duffy began making word art full time in 2008, creating handwritten pieces that commemorate Philadelphia sports teams. He was since expanded his repertoire to include other cities, and has also done artwork with historical and political subjects, such as John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.

The “Yankee Stadium All Time Roster” print is officially licensed by the MLB and is available for purchase on Duffy’s website, artofwords.com. Next, check out 8 of NYC’s Lost Baseball Stadiums and 10 Former and Lost Sporting Venues in and Around NYC.

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