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Navigating around Penn Station is no easy feat — even for the most savvy commuters. While most people complain about its confusing network of passageways, we’ve come to a new found appreciation for the much-maligned station after hosting our monthly tour of the Remnants of the Original Penn Station (which you can book tickets to below). In 2015, we also uncovered the Penn Station Atlas by designer John Schettino, which will hopefully ease some transit headaches once it’s completed. In the meantime, Amtrak recently announced its free FindYourWay app to help passengers navigate the transit hub like a pro. No longer will you have to wander aimlessly around the station like a lost puppy. 

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

Available to download on both iOS and Android operating systems, the app is designed to be exclusively used inside Penn Station. Not only will it help passengers find their gates, restaurants and exits, it will also provide real-time boarding information.

“From first-time visitors to veteran travelers, everyone can benefit from downloading FindYourWay and experiencing the new, digital-friendly New York Penn Station,” said Stephen Gardner, Amtrak’s Chief Commercial Officer. “FindYourWay is more than just an interactive platform; it can also help prevent overcrowding in the station, delivering a measure of customer safety that other communication products and forms of travel cannot provide.”

The app is the result of a partnership between Zyter® and Amtrak, which introduced roughly 400 beacons to the station. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the beacons can communicate with the app and sense the proximity of its users. FindYourWay then sends information about nearby points of interest (POIs) based on the user’s location.

While the app is only usable inside Penn Station, Amtrak is considering offering it in other major stations. According to a press release, future updates could include rewards and station deals.

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