New Amtrak restrooms. All images courtesy Amtrak

New York City’s public restrooms have held an infamous reputation, but that is now changing with Amtrak’s renovation of the restrooms at Penn Station. Amtrak announced this weekend that they have completed refurbishing the women’s restrooms on the Amtrak concourse and they are now open for full operation.

The restroom makeover includes modern wall tiles, terrazzo floors, and energy-efficient light fixtures. New solid surface sinks will also now be equipped with automatic soap dispensers, faucets, and hand driers.



On Thursday, Amtrak will begin similar renovations to the men’s restrooms, which is expected to be completed in Spring 2018. Temporary men’s facilities are located between West 31st and West 33rd Streets on the former taxiway. Directions to these temporary facilities will be available throughout the station, but they can be accessed by the escalators and elevator on the Amtrak rotunda.



The restroom renovations are part of Amtrak’s larger commitment to modernizing New York Penn Station. Amtrak has been working continuously to revitalize their stations and trains on the Northeast Corridor. In addition to renovating their infrastructure, Amtrak recently introduced FindYourWay, a real-time app that helps assists passengers in navigating Penn Station.

New phases of Amtrak’s projects will continue to roll out over the next few months. New Yorkers can soon expect to see a makeover for Amtrak’s ticketed waiting room. This redesign will include renovated escalators, an expanded ClubAcela lounge, new retailers, and even a new coffee bar.

Amtrak’s infrastructure renewal advancements demonstrates its dedication to giving passengers a better first impression when they enter New York via New York Penn Station. Make sure to also join us for our Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station, where we will embark on a hunt for the lasting vestiges of the original Penn Station.

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