Image courtesy Sarge’s

In the city that never sleeps, there’s never a shortage of bars to visit, venues to explore and parties to crash. At some point during these late night shenanigans, however, hunger pangs will inevitably kick in — and that’s when you’re left combing the streets of New York in search of a hot, greasy meal and a warm refuge. Luckily, the city is chock full of inviting eateries that will welcome in glassy-eyed patrons with opens arms.

For the purposes of this list, we’re focusing on 10 of New York City’s sit-down restaurants, where you can enjoy a hearty meal at all times of the day. However, honorable mention goes out to low-key, but reliable favorites like The Donut Pub, Gray’s Papaya and Bagelsmith.

1. L’Express

When Greenwich Village’s French Roast shuttered in 2017, New Yorkers mourned the loss of beloved 24-hour institution. Fortunately for us, another French bistro, L’Express, still remains open to fill in the void that was left behind. Located on 249 Park Avenue South in Gramercy Park, the Lyonnaise bouchon merges traditional southern and northern influences of French cooking, and celebrates meat and diary products of those respective regions.

Zagat calls it one of the “classiest 24-hour operations” around because it harbors a real “Paris bistro feel,” and serves up authentic classics like Escargot and Croque Monsieur. If you’re especially hungry, however, opt for a full-fledged entree like the grilled Scottish Salmon or the Steak Frites, and make sure to check out the daily sausage selection and charcuterie.