With the quick turnover rate of New York City’s dining scene, high-end restaurants are suffering from the same problem smaller restaurants have experienced for years. Rent increases and shifts in neighborhood dynamics have forced beloved eateries to shut down their kitchens that were once neighborhood staples.

From elegant restaurants like The Four Seasons to more humble spots like The Cup & Saucer, here’s a look back at 11 New York City restaurants that we’ve had to say goodbye to in recent years:

1. Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli. Photo by James & Karla Murray from their book NEW YORK NIGHTS

After its appearance in Woody Allen’s 1984 film, Broadway Danny RoseCarnegie Deli became a classic stop for tourists who wanted to experience a classic New York deli. Known for playing host to famous guests and oversized sandwiches, the deli closed at the end of 2016 after a 79 year run.

The deli suffered from a rough couple of years leading up to its closing, including the discovery of an illegal natural gas hookup, a messy divorce between the owners, and a dispute about low wages. The Carnegie Deli found itself in trouble when it started raising food prices and losing customers. While it remained a popular tourist destination, New Yorkers stopped going there in search of more authentic deli spots for lower prices. But for those who still want to experience what made this restaurant a staple in the New York deli scene for almost 80 years, you’re in luck. The restaurant still offers a wholesale distribution service and one other store located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, read about 10 of New York City’s best under the radar delis.