3. Cup & Saucer

In July of last year, the city said goodbye to Cup & Saucer — a diner that served as a mainstay for many New Yorkers for nearly 70 years. Previously located at 89 Canal Street on the border between Chinatown and the Lower East Side, it was considered one of the best diners in New York City, and prided itself on serving all-American food at affordable prices.

The Cup & Saucer was your traditional diner, decorated with the classic high-top bar and swivel bar stools. Regardless of how much the neighborhood changed, New Yorkers could always count on the eatery to serve them classic pancakes, eggs and bacon, and cheeseburger deluxes. Sadly, rent increases made it increasingly difficult for the diner to afford to remain open at its famed location. It closed nearly a year ago, but New Yorkers can still feel its loss whenever they pass by the old spot on Canal Street. Despite its closing, the owners plan to look for a new location where they can reopen. For more about The Cup & Saucer, click here.