The 34 Street-Hudson Yards station on the 7 line is one of the newest in the system, which opened officially in September of 2015. Its arched design, long hallways, and long escalators certainly feel futuristic. The station is also one of the deepest in the system, with the platform level at 125 feet below street level. One of the most fun spots in the Hudson Yards station is the pair of inclined elevators that go from the lower mezzanine to the upper mezzanine levels, traveling a vertical distance of 82 feet, but 172 feet measured by length that the elevator actually travels. The elevators., the first of its kind in the MTA system, are often missed because they are at the end of the station, after the escalators which most people take to get to street level.

The inclined elevators, which were made by Italian company Maspero Elevatori, move at 100 feet per minute and the ride takes 2 minutes from when the door closes to when it opens again. They weigh 5000 pounds each, can fit 15 standing passengers of 3-5 wheelchair passengers, and were built and installed at a cost of $2.7 million.

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