If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper and other real estate reality television shows, you will love the new Netflix series, STAY HERE. Think of it as a the Fixer Upper for short-term rentals, like Airbnb and VRBO. As an added bonus, Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young is featured in the fourth episode, “Brooklyn Brownstone,” interviewed about how to create a local guide, by locals for locals. The shoot took place this past winter along the Brooklyn Bridge. Michelle, with Untapped Cities co-founder Augustin Pasquet, is also the author of the book Secret Brooklyn.

The episode of STAY HERE features Bedford-Stuyvesant townhouse owner, Gordy, who runs a 14-person AirBNB called “The Yellow Block,” just down the street from the Biggie mural on Quincy Street, near Bedford Avenue . Gordy is a father of three, whose interest is to keep things at a good price but also to save more for his children’s future. He says in the episode: “I would like this opportunity to partner with experts, because I know that if I earn more, then I can save more for my children’s education in the future…My goal is to keep the price the same. I want to keep things affordable. We want working class folks from all over the world to enjoy it and live locally.”

The hosts Peter Lorimer and Genevieve Gorder help Gordy renovate the townhouse in a speedy method, while introducing him to local experts and providers. In the episode, you’ll meet a neighbor, one of the original Old Gold Brothers, who helped Notorious B.I.G. record the demo that made him famous. Brooklyn Recycled creates some of the new furniture, using reclaimed wood. They meet the owner of The Bagel Store, famous for the rainbow bagels to learn about marketing

Check out the episode directly here, or see the trailer first below:

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