3. Macombs Dam Park at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Park
Courtesy of SWA/Balsley

Macombs Dam Park features the largest rooftop park ever built by New York City. The park, boast an eight lane running track, combination football/soccer field, 500-600 seat grandstand, comfort station, handball courts, basketball courts, adult fitness center, grassy knolls and even a sledding slope, is 13 acres large and sits atop the roof of the stadium’s parking structure. The Macombs Dam Park complex also has an at-grade park, Heritage Field, which sits on the site of the former Yankee Stadium. This part of the park is made up of softball, little league, and regulation sized public baseball fields. The fields are surrounded by heavily planted landforms and bioswales which The Stantec/Thomas Balsley Associates team created to transform the concrete space into a green space that has “the appearance of a place carved into the woodland.”