8. Fort Washington Library (1914)

The Fort Washington Library is a branch of the New York Public Library. It opened on April 14, 1914, two blocks east of the George Washington Bridge. Similar to other branches of the New York Public Library, the construction of Fort Washington was funded by donations from Andrew CarnegieAuthors such as Edwin Newman and Henry Kissinger discussed the impact that Fort Washington Library had on their teenage years, heavily influencing them to read and write. 

Unique to the Fort Washington Library is the extensive collections in other languages such as Russian and Spanish and the classes provided for non-English speakers to learn English. A major, full branch renovation of the Fort Washington Library is projected to be completed by November 1, 2022 that will address ADA compliance issues, construct an elevator, and other architectural needs. Today, the library is located at 535 West 179th Street and open to all visitors and scholars!