Some of New York’s oldest and most prevalent residents don’t live in any of the five boroughs, but in the waters surrounding New York City: oysters! From the time of the Native Americans, oysters have played a huge role in New York City life. The hard shelled water dwellers are extremely beneficial as they serve not only as a delicious snack but they also filter sewage, protect the shore from intensifying storms and educate scientists. Join Brooklyn Historical Society Vice President of Collections and Curatorial Affairs Julie Golia in conversation with Billion Oyster Project Director of Education Ann Fraioli, chef and oyster farmer Kerry Heffernan, and Mark Kurlansky, author of The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shelll, to “examine the bivalves’ pivotal place in the story of New York, beginning with Lenape cultivation and continuing to today’s ambitious plans to build artificial oyster reefs.” You can join this event for free if you are an Untapped Cities Insider! Not an Insider yet? Become a member today to gain access to free behind-the-scenes tours and special events all year long!

 DATE: Thursday, July 25th, 2019 Doors open at 6:00PM, Program runs 6:30PM-8:00PM

PRICE: FREE for Untapped Cities Insiders! ($10 for the general public)

CAPACITY: 10 guests. Spots allocated on a first come, first served basis.

REGISTRATION: Thursday, July 11th at 12 PM EST
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