12. Cello from Untapped New York

Untapped New York founder is recording a cello piece per day and posting it to her  Instagram and Twitter, with her daughter entering the frame whenever she damn well pleases. Michelle was trained at the Juilliard School for cello, starting at the age of 11, performed in Carnegie Hall three times, and was in an indie rock band that performed at SXSW for many years. She went on to do other things besides music but she’s bringing out her cello in this self-isolation time, performing for her family and recording a piece a day

Also, Brooklyn-based Comedian Marissa Goldman, in addition to 15 other comedians, will be hosting quarantine parties on a Google Doc in which comedians write their jokes out in real time to viewers. Each performer has a designated place on the doc, and viewers can watch the comedic routine unfold alongside graphics right on the doc. The party begins at 8pm on March 21 and on following Saturdays.
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