New York is New York because of its situation on one of the world’s best harbors. For the first three and half centuries of its life, this city was defined and sustained by its maritime operations. However, in the past few decades most of the 8 million people who call New York City home or the 60 million people who visit annually barely even give a second thought to the harbor, bays, rivers, or boats that used to define and supply this popular set of islands. New York’s maritime roots are often overlooked and ignored. Explore the history behind this special part of the city in this virtual talk with Justin Rivers, Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer.

Explore the early Dutch era maritime history through the stories of infamous sea captains Adrian Block and William Kidd, learn the history of the east side slips including Old Slip and Coentie Slip, learn about New York’s old buried ships on both the Hudson and East River shores and New York’s old floating churches, discover related sites including the International Merchant Marine Building, The Cunard Building, the Alexander Hamilton Custom House and the Merchant Marine Memorial by the historic Pier A building.

This live talk is organized for Untapped New York Insiders — get two months free with code STAYHOME. A video of the talk will also be made available to all our Insiders afterwards in the Virtual Content section of our website.


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