2. Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern is the setting for at least two songs, “Aaron Burr, Sir” and “My Shot.” There are additional songs that take place in taverns in the show Hamilton, though the bar name is not directly referenced in those. Most famous for being the location of George Washington‘s farewell address, Fraunces Tavern also hosted a meeting of The Society of the Cincinnati at least once in the early 1800s where Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton attended.

The building was destroyed by fires and rebuilt several times during the 19th century – the original design is unknown. The building passed between several owners and was finally scheduled for demolition in 1900. The Daughters of the American Revolution, among other groups, convinced the New York state government to designate the building as a park, thus saving the building until it was ultimately acquired by the Sons of the Revolution of New York in 1904. The building was “restored” soon thereafter, but without the original plans the restoration is thought to have involved substantial guesswork.