9. Landwehr Canal

Esty and Yankee walking on the Landwehr Canal in UnorthodoxPhoto: Anika Molnar/Netflix

At the end of Unorthodox, Esty and Yanky take a walk along the Landwehr Canal in Berlin. He tells her he understands what she has done. “On the road there is a different Torah,” he says. He also says he didn’t know Esty could sing like she does. “Yo don’t know a lot of things about me, Yanky. I don’t even know a lot of things about me.”

There are many other locations shown in Berlin in Unorthodox including an extended scene in the Weißensee Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery with Moishe and Yankee. The filming locations for the Chalhulm Conservatory are just next to Potsdamer Platz, where we also see Esty and her friends go in and out of the train station. Esty’s mom’s apartment is located on Winterfeldt Strasse in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. The playground where Moishe presents Esty with her options is the Spielplatz im Crelle-Kiezon Crellestrasse. And in montages and various scenes you see landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate.

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