6. Thurman Munson’s locker is in the Yankees Museum

The Yankees keep Thurmon Munson's locker in the Yankees Museum as a sign of respect.
Thurmon Munson’s locker remains in Yankee Museum along with one of his jerseys.

Thurman Munson played as a catcher for the New York Yankees for 11 seasons. As a seven-time All-Star, Munson hit 113 home runs while batting .292. Munson died tragically when he crashed his private plane practicing landing maneuvers at a Canton, Ohio airport. At the young age of 32, Munson had years left to offer to the Yankees.

In honor of his dedication to the team as both a captain and a player, the Yankees have retired his number 15 and attempted to freeze his locker in time. From 1980 to 2009, the Yankees captain had his locker next to Munson’s, but when the Yankees moved across the street, so did Munson’s locker. However, it is now in the Yankees Museum near the “Ball Wall.” An empty locker remains next to the captain’s locker in honor of Munson.