4. The limestone and granite exterior and trademark frieze honor the original Yankees Stadium

Yankee Stadium in 1923.
Original Yankee Stadium exterior. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

The Yankees spent $1.5 billion to build a nearly identical stadium across the street from the old stadium, which had served the wider Bronx community for almost a century. From 1974-1976, the Yankees renovated their stadium, as it was falling into disrepair. However, these renovations held out for only so long. The Yankees felt they needed a new stadium in order to generate more revenue and provide their dedicated fans with more luxuries, such as a museum on site. In addition to the money the Yankees spent on the stadium, the City of New York spent $220 million on infrastructure and other improvements in the area.

The new stadium features a limestone and granite exterior that mirrors that of the 1923 stadium. Within the walls of the stadium, white frieze lines the top of the stands. However, the new stadium features additional aspects including the Yankee Museum within the Great Hall that resembles the old Great Hall.