9. The Most Delicious Haunt: El Quijote Restaurant

El Quijote Restaurant, a hangout for members of the Beat Generation.
El Quijote Restaurant has served Spanish dishes since the 1930s.

Attached to the Chelsea Hotel for decades, El Quijote Restaurant is famous for serving delicious tapas and sangria with a secret recipe. This spot in Chelsea is temporarily closed for renovations, but it once served Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs. The Chelsea Hotel, which has been open since the 1880s, would only combine with El Quijote in the 1930s.

The Beat Generation writers would often hop between the locations because Kerouac and Ginsberg both lived at the Chelsea Hotel for a time. Following a day of rebellion, the writers would return to the bar at El Quijote for a drink — or many drinks.