5. The Biltmore Hotel

Morning Show filming locations at Biltmore Hotel
Cory Ellison, played by Billy Crudup, meeting with New York Times writer Maggie Brenner, played by Marcia Gay Harden. Photo courtesy Apple TV+.

Cory Ellison only meets people in the most fabulous of places, and most of those places are filmed in Los Angeles (although they are purportedly supposed to be in New York City. In the above scene, Cory meets with New York Times writer Maggie Brenner in The Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The Biltmore Hotel is a historic, landmarked hotel with a rich history of celebrities, scandals, and architectural splendor. It opened in 1923 and has a fabulous lobby and bar, both of which have been used in many film productions, along with stunning ballrooms and Roman-bath inspired pool.