21. The power of history: Faces of Harlem

Faces of <a class=Harlem by Sade Boyewa El. Courtesy of the artist.” class=”wp-image-572569″/>
Faces of Harlem by Sade Boyewa El. Courtesy of the artist.

Curated by Sade Boyewa El and Kate Sterling, Faces of Harlem is a multi-site outdoor photography installation. The project features 100 portraits of Harlem friends and residents, helping to document what the neighborhood has become 100 years after the Harlem Renaissance. Preparation for Faces of Harlem began in early 2021 when nine additional photographers from Harlem were invited to create portraits of the neighborhood’s residents to spark conversation, foster connections and build bridges between the community’s visible gaps. Particular emphasis was placed on highlighting work and people often underrepresented in Harlem, with an extra focus on the neighborhood’s African American and diasporic cultures.

Open through October 31, 2021, portraits from Faces of Harlem will be on display across four parks in Harlem: Morningside, Jackie Robinson, Marcus Garvey, and Rucker parks. Events pertaining to the installation will occur on the first Saturday of every month. Visitors will be given opportunities to respond to the images on view and share their own unique perspectives.