6. Some Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons have personality disorders

Harold the Baseball Player Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon
Harold the Baseball Player. In other parades he was Bobo the Hobo, a police officer and a fireman. Photograph Courtesy of Macy’s, Inc.

In the past, parade balloons have suffered from identity crises. For example, the first Superman launched in 1940 showed up in 1941 as the Footballer Player. But it’s poor Bobo the Hobo who just couldn’t figure out what he wanted to be in life.

Bobo was introduced in 1945, then returned in 1946 as the Baseball Player, who then came onto the scene as the Police Officer in 1947, who switched professions and showed up as the Fireman in 1948. It’s that Fireman balloon that became the inspiration for the reboot of Harold the Fireman brought back to the parade in 2011. Even our pal Snoopy went from being Millennium Snoopy in 1999 to 75th Parade Snoopy in 2001.