10. The World’s Smallest Cinema is hidden inside the Hoxton Hotel

World's smallest cinema

The Hoxton Williamsburg, which opened in 2018, was the first stateside hotel by British micro-hotels brand the Hoxton. It gained much attention for its cool, vintage-inspired design and rooftop bar Summerly, but the hotel also has a little-known secret. Tucked away off the lobby is the self-proclaimed world’s smallest cinema.

The tiny room has two folding cinema-style seats and headphones for listening to the films, which are projected onto the wall and played 24/7. The hotel changes the featured film every month, with past screenings including Jaws and The Birdcage starring Robin Williams. No need to be a hotel guest to watch a film — the world’s smallest cinema is free and open to anyone. Just draw the velvet curtains closed to block out the light from the lobby and enjoy the film.

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