9. Square Diner is one of NYC’s last remaining standalone diners

Square Diner in Tribeca

Sadly, New York City’s old-school standalone diners are being lost to rising real estate prices and gentrification, but a few of these stalwarts still stand. One such place is the Square Diner on Leonard Street in Tribeca, which is actually a triangle. No one seems to be sure when exactly the diner first opened its doors, but estimates put it in the 1920s, when it took the form of a wooden shack. The Pullman Dining Car Company in New Jersey created the train car-style form it currently has back in the 1940s.

The chrome and blue exterior is in keeping with the old-school interiors, which feature wood paneled walls and ceilings, red vinyl booths, and glass-block windows. TV shows such as Daredevil and Gotham have used it as a filming location. In addition to classic diner fare like waffles and eggs benedict, the Square Diner also serves healthy salads, fish tacos, and sandwiches.