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Daredevil is the first of four Netflix original series set in the Marvel cinematic universe and is the second attempt to bring the character known as “The Man Without Fear” to the screen. The plot focuses on the career beginnings of two people: Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. Murdock is a lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen, who lost his sight in a childhood accident; Fisk is a businessman who dreams of transforming New York City. The series follows these two rivals as they become what comic readers recognize as Daredevil and The Kingpin.

Much has changed since the 1980s; Frank Miller’s version of Hell’s Kitchen is much different than the one we know of today. The showrunners decided to keep the story set in a fictional Hell’s Kitchen but film all over New York City. Discerning viewers woudl have noticed that the intersection of Bedford and North 7th Street substituted as Hell’s Kitchen in the very first episode. Here is a list of locations used in Netflix’s Daredevil.

Season 3

1. Clinton Church

“Clinton Church,” the Catholic church where Daredevil is convalescing in the third season is actually The Parish of Calvary ~ St. George’s on Park Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street, an Episcopal church. The church traces its history back to the pre-Revolutionary era when Trinity Church established the Chapel of St. George’s. The church has moved several times, and the Gramercy Park site, where it stands today is a combination of two other parishes Church of the Holy Communion, now the Limelight marketplace), and Calvary Church, the church Edith Wharton used as an inspiration in her book The Age of Innocence. 

The interior scenes in the crypt appear to be a set but the exterior flyover shot, and the interior sanctuary are filmed at the church. The church cross, which Daredevil is holding on to, was likely attached to the apartment building behind for the shoot.

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19 Responses
  1. glenn curry Reply

    the diner where Karen and Frank meet and she is bait for Frank’s trap. is the Van Dam Diner in queens.

  2. glenn curry Reply

    The location the Irish Mob is meeting that Frank Castle shoots up is located at 177 Dwight St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

  3. Sherrodzilla Reply

    The location management team on this series does an excellent job offering a unique spin on NY. Interesting article. It could use a spoiler alert warning, though

  4. glenn curry Reply

    Dogs of Hell bar is the East River bar…just over the bridge in Williamsburg

  5. glenn curry Reply

    and the oft asked for Prison. That was shot at the Westchester County Corrections in Valhalla NY

  6. glenn curry Reply

    found the church. Lotsa web searching.
    It’s the church of Ascension in Brooklyn.
    127 Kent St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

    It is a church so please be repectful.

    please let me know if I’m wrong.

    • michelle young Reply

      It looks like it! Thanks for tracking that one down, gorgeous inside!

  7. The Yakuza/Roxxon Party where Elektra & Matt attend was filmed in the ballroom at the 1 Hotel on 57th street.

    • I called to confirm that this was the actual location of the gala because I was also very interested. However, they did not confirm that Daredevil Season 2 filmed on site.

  8. I’d love to know what the filming location was for the prison both Fisk and Castle were in. Especially since I saw the same location in a recent episode of Gotham.

      • glenn curry Reply

        If it’s a set it was also in Bridge of Spies.
        I’m trying to determine if it’s the MDC in brooklyn.

        I’ve asked the gotham Writers and am waiting to hear back.

    • glenn curry Reply

      posted below..but here as well.That was shot at the Westchester County Corrections in Valhalla NY

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