18. Cavalry Cemetery

Photo: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Elektra is killed on the roof of the warehouse and is buried at Cavalry Cemetery, another popular film locations. Its sheer size, with the largest number of burials in the United States at around 3 million, is impressive on screen. The original grounds were purchased by trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (the one on Mulberry Street) and Calvary opened in 1848, just after the 1847 Rural Cemetery Act was passed, prohibiting the establishment of any new burial grounds on the island of Manhattan.

As we discover as the show concludes, Elektra is disinterred from her spot and put into the tomb that previously held Nobu so she can undergo the process to make her immortal.

Season 3

1. Clinton Church

Photo: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

“Clinton Church,” the Catholic church where Daredevil is convalescing in the third season is actually The Parish of Calvary ~ St. George’s on Park Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street, an Episcopal church. The church traces its history back to the pre-Revolutionary era when Trinity Church established the Chapel of St. George’s. The church has moved several times, and the Gramercy Park site, where it stands today is a combination of two other parishes Church of the Holy Communion, now the Limelight marketplace), and Calvary Church, the church Edith Wharton used as an inspiration in her book The Age of Innocence. 

The interior scenes in the crypt appear to be a set but the exterior flyover shot, and the interior sanctuary are filmed at the church. The church cross, which Daredevil is holding on to, was likely attached to the apartment building behind for the shoot.

2. FBI Bureau

Indian-American FBI Special Agent, Ray Nadeem, works at the FBI Bureau which is shown to be in Long Island City, just near the Citibank building. The building exterior and the elevator scene is filmed inside CUNY School of Law.

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