7. Haus of Haunts at Jefferson Market Library

Exterior facade of the historic Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village.
Image Courtesy of NYPL

Don’t miss the final performance of UNBOUND: a haus of haunts, happening Friday, October 28th inside the Jefferson Market Library. Presented in partnership with the New York Public Library, UNBOUND is an immersive dance experience inspired by the works of Emily Dickinson. Performed by the Thistle Dance Company, the experience takes over three floors of the library. Each floor is its own world, connected to the others by an interwoven story.

​You can pick a specific character to follow or chart your own course through the library’s various rooms. As you wander, you may discover the catacombs of a daemon, encounter a witch’s coven, or party at the vampire banquet. Visitors can choose to stay in one place or explore all of the floors and rooms. Tickets are free and you can register here.