The booklined walls and red tufted booths at the cozy coffee show Milk and Roses in Greenpoint

It’s the time of year when most New Yorkers prefer to be inside rather than deal with the cold outside. Some of the best places to take refuge from the biting city chill are cozy coffee shops. New York City’s coffee house scene has so many options. You can settle into a hidden coffee shop, a coffee shop that’s inside another quirky store, or discover some of the city’s oldest coffeehouses. Here, we’ve rounded up the coziest coffee shops where you can defrost in a warm, inviting atmosphere:

10. Swedish Seaman’s Church Cafe, Midtown

Large glass window lets light into the cozy coffee shop inside the Swedish Seaman's church

If you’re looking for a homey vibe, the hidden cafe inside the Swedish Seaman’s Church is the perfect cozy coffee shop. You are lured in by the smell of Swedish treats like saffron and cardamom buns. Inside, Swedish flags, dainty flowers, and pretty placemats top each table.

In addition to the fresh;y made pastries and hot drinks that you can purchase and enjoy at the cafe, there is also a selection of Swedish-brand food products like jams, cookies, candies, and even peas. These items are hard to find anywhere else in New York! Address: 5 E. 48th Street