8. It was NYC’s first walk-in outpatient counseling center for drug treatment

Greenwich House Entrance
Photo Courtesy of Greenwich House

In 1963, with funds from a Federal grant, Greenwich House became the first walk-in outpatient drug counseling center in New York City. It became a licensed psychiatric clinic the next year, the first in the state dedicated exclusively to narcotic addiction. In 1970, the House made another groundbreaking move by starting one of the first Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs.

Today, mental and behavioral health services continue to be offered to the community. The Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program still exists as an outpatient clinic that “dispenses medication treatment for opioid-dependent adults, and offers individual and group counseling, medical treatment, harm reduction, and vocational counseling.” One of the latest health initiatives was the Center for Resiliency and Wellness created in 2021. This program “provides intergenerational, trauma-informed, mental health services to children, youth, families, adults and older adults, ages 3 to 100+.”