7. There is a rooftop playground for kids

Greenwich House Rooftop Playground
Courtesy of Greenwich House

In 1919, to help fulfill the needs of working immigrant mothers in the community, Greenwich House first introduced a nursery school. Childcare programs expanded again in 1920 when daycare was added. Finally, in 1942, after-school programs for older children and teens were introduced. Today, Greenwich House operates the Barrow Street Nursery School at its headquarters at 27 Barrow Street. One of the special features of the school is its rooftop playground that dates all the way to the opening of the Barrow Street headquarters in 1917.

The rooftop playground features a jungle gym, play house, and garden “where students refine their gross motor skills, learn how to cultivate plants, and enjoy the fresh air.” The playground is just one of many areas throughout the building where kids can play and be active. There is also an indoor gymnasium complete with a tricycle track!