6. Swedish Home for the Aged, Sunnyside

Lost Vanderbilt Mansion  on Staten Island that was the Swedish Home for the Aged
From New York Public Library

Before becoming a home for the elderly, this picturesque mansion in Sunnyside, Staten Island belonged to a Vanderbilt. Built in 1859 for Cornelius Vanderbilt’s daughter Mary Alicia, it stood between what is now the Staten Island Expressway and Victory Boulevard. In 1912, the home was converted by the United Swedish Societies of New York into a haven for retired Swedish immigrants.

A red backhouse on the grounds was used as a place for arts and crafts and two wings were added to the home in 1940 and 1983 as more room was needed. Despite earlier growth, however, by 2008 the home was in financial trouble and abruptly closed. Despite efforts to get the building landmarked, it was demolished in 2009.

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